For when they shall say, “Peace and safety…”

With the times being as they are… the devastation from the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and ChristChurch, New Zealand – which almost pale now in comparison to the utter and complete devastation from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan… our understanding from the Book of Revelation of the tribulation period seems a little less hard to imagine, doesn’t it? Thanks in large part to the eyewitness videos streaming in from all over Japan. The poor Japanese people! One minute they are going about their lives as they always have in peace and safety and the next minute their homes, office buildings, cars and even their lives are swept away. And to compound their misery, many are being exposed to deadly radiation poisoning with no way to escape.

Now magnify the destruction encompassing the small island of Japan to a global disaster. Hard to envision? Well, that’s what awaits mankind during the tribulation period. Unimaginable death and destruction on a global scale. God has been very patient, loving and kind for a very long time with prideful, unrepentant mankind because He wants that none should perish (2 Peter 3:9), but with the removal of the church at the rapture (I Thes. 4:16, 17), the Age of Grace is also removed and mankind must face the vengeful side of God that people have long chosen to ignore.

God is warning us through natural disasters that our time is short and He is returning very soon. Jesus and the Apostle Paul both warned that in the last days, the world would be like a woman in labor. As the delivery approaches, her contractions gets more frequent and severe. (Matt. 24:8; I Thes. 5:3) Certainly, that would describe our world today. God is warning us to re-examine ourselves and make sure we are truly in the faith. (2 Cor. 13:5) And then, if we love others, we’ll warn them too to get right with God. (Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15)

When you hear some say “we cannot know the day or the hour…” that does not refer to the believer who cannot know, but to unbelievers. God has given His children an understanding of scripture (2 Peter 1:21) so that we would not be in darkness like the world, but will know precisely what time it is on His prophetic time clock. And while God’s prophetic time clock had stopped ticking when Jesus went to the cross about 2,000 years ago, it started ticking again in 1948 when the Jews were back in their land as a sovereign nation… just as the prophets predicted they would be! 

What a thrilling time to be a Christian right now watching prophecy unfold!! While on the other hand, what a frightening time for those who are watching these tragedies unfold who are not Christians and who have absolutely no idea what the future holds. It’s up to us to tell them.


About alongthenarrowway

I grew up in the ‘60’s and 70’s… the era of self! The age of self-indulgence and self-absorption promoted by the onslaught of self-help books in the pursuit of a higher self-esteem. The “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” generation. It was only natural then that I grew up with a false sense of self-righteousness. I saw myself as a good person by my own merits… my own accomplishments. If I ever gave heaven any thought, I was convinced that I was good enough to go if for no other reason than there were far worse people than me. You know the ones… liars, thieves and murderers? Well, in August of 1978 my pedestal of self-exultation was yanked out from beneath my feet when I was shown through the scriptures what God thought of my “goodness.” I was shocked to learn that I would not be judged by man’s standards someday, which are comparatively low, but by God’s standards! BIG difference! I learned that just one tiny little sin – even a little lie - would prevent me from entering into heaven. And when I did a self-assessment, I realized that I had not told just one lie, but many lies! And not only told lies, but I had stolen… many times! Okay… just little stuff but it was stealing all the same! And then worst of all… God considered hatred to be murder! How many times had I hated someone in my 19 years?? So I was a murderer too?!? Suddenly, my “goodness” didn’t seem so good anymore and my good deeds had become like filthy rags. I realized there was nothing whatsoever redeemable in me by God and suddenly the thought hit me… if I were to die at that moment, I wouldn’t be going to heaven, but to hell. With that understanding, I cast off my self-righteousness and threw myself at the mercy of the only One who could save me from hell… Jesus. In utter humility and repentance I asked Jesus to save me because I realized there was nothing I could do to save myself. That was over 30 years ago when I changed course and began to walk the narrow road that leads to heaven. It has not necessarily been an easy road to travel and it’s been costly at times. Also, finding the narrow road was very difficult. I had to come to Jesus in brokenness and repentance over my sin. I had to acknowledge that if I got what I really deserved, I’d end up in hell. It’s now no longer about myself… but about Christ. Like the hymn says: “Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow." Jesus tells us%2
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