Why Did Jesus Come to Die?

Why did Jesus come into this world in the flesh and die on a cross?

Some people think Jesus came into being when he was a baby in Bethlehem.  But the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ existed from eternity past in Heaven as the second member of the Godhead, or the Trinity.  He has always been! 

But there came a time when He traded His heavenly throne for a stable in Bethlehem.  And He traded His divine robe of royalty for an earthly robe of flesh and blood.  And Philippians2 tells us why Christ emptied Himself and humbled Himself and caused Himself to be born as a human being – the son of Mary.  Philippians 2:8 – “He humbled Himself and became obedient to death – even death on a cross!”  That’s why He had to be born as a man. 

You see… sin could only be atoned for by the offering of a perfect sacrifice.  Since every person who was ever born since Adam until the time of Christ was a sinner, no one qualified as a perfect sacrifice.  The only One Who qualified as a perfect sacrifice was God Himself.  But… God cannot die.  God is eternal.  God is immortal.  God is unchangeable.  And God cannot die!  So from that standpoint, it was pretty hopeless.  No human being is qualified to be a sacrifice and the only being in the universe Who can be the sacrifice… can’t be the sacrifice because He cannot die. 

But God devised an ingenious plan whereby he would allow Himself to be born as a man.  It was a plan whereby He would be able to subject Himself to death by taking upon Himself a physical body.  So God took upon Himself a robe of flesh and was born as a man so He could die for you and for me!  And that’s what Bethlehem is all about.  [Excerpt taken from a teaching by Dr. Gary Hedrick, President of the Christian Jew Foundation (www.cjfm.org)].

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